Family Bereavement Checklist:
Initial Steps


When a person passes away at home they must be attended by a doctor to certify passing before we attend. If the person’s doctor is unavailable, then the doctor on call service will attend.


When someone passes in a hospital there is no issue as there is always a doctor on hand to confirm death before the person is taken into our care.


In a nursing home setting the staff will call a doctor to confirm a death but must also contact the coroner’s office.

We can attend once the coroner has given clearance for us to do so. (This may add some hours to the process.)


If the death is sudden then the fatality is likely to become a coroner’s case. Normally the Gardai will organise to have the person removed to the local designated hospital.

We are happy to liaise with the relevant offices on your behalf and guide you through the process.

We hope this guide was of assistance. We are happy to deal with any further

Will the person repose at home or at one of our Funeral Homes in Ratoath or Dunshaughlin?

Please let us know what clothes you would like your loved one to be laid out in and bring them with you to our meeting if possible.

(We can also organize subsequent collection or delivery).
Where will the Funeral service take place? We will liaise with the Church or chosen venue on your behalf.

Please note that if a funeral service is to take place in a Church, the celebrant will organize the order of service directly with the family.

This will include readings (normally two), prayers of the faithful (up to six) and the running order of music choices (Is the Psalm to be sung for example.)
Are your family members wishes to be buried or cremated? If someone is to be buried, we will require the grave details or a family member to show the gravedigger the family plot.

In the case of a new plot, we will need to know which cemetery is required and we will organize the opening of the grave.

Graves are normally directly purchased either through your Parish or the County Council depending on your cemetery choice.
How would you like to inform people of the passing of your family member?

The most popular method of sharing the sad news is on RIP. ie. We will be happy to assist you with the wording of the notice.

If you wish to add a photo of your loved one to the notice you can send it to us by email, messaging or on Whatsapp (087 2306856).

R.I.P. ie can also be used to inform people of details of a months mind mass, we will be happy to assist you with this if desired.

National newspapers and local radio are also available if needed.
If the deceased wishes are to be cremated the family will need to decide on which crematorium is preferred.

(Glasnevin, Dardistown, Mount Jerome and Newlands Cross are our most commonly used).

Cremation slots are normally 20mins long but double slots can be booked (if, for example, the entire funeral service is taking place at the crematorium).

Normally, the celebrant that conducted the Church funeral service will also attend the cremation service.

The cremation service is an opportunity to include two or three pieces of the persons favorite music, sometimes choices not seen as fitting in a church setting.

These choices should be sent to us 24hrs. in advance of the service at Most crematoria also offer a web cast service, let us know if you require the link to be included on the RIP. ie notice.
Ashes are normally ready for collection within a week of the cremation but you will need to call the crematorium and organize an appointment to collect (Phone numbers attached). We can also collect on your behalf if required.

At the very latest ashes should be collected within 30 days of cremation.

The person who signed the cremation form should collect the ashes or nominate (in writing/ form F) somebody to collect on their behalf. Please note ID will be required.

If you require multiple or superior urns please discuss your requirements with us.

For superior/ornate urns or jewellery you can see the full range that we stock at or some popular choices at

Common choices for the placement of Ashes include:

  • In an existing or new grave
  • In a Columbarium wall or garden of Remembrance
  • May be kept at home in an Urn or multiple Urns
  • May be placed in special jewellery
  • May be scattered

Cremation forms can be emailed to you if required or filled out when we meet to discuss arrangements.

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